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Rawleigh's Products

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We will continue to serve our regular customers by courier.

Lg Medicated Ointments are freight free in NZ

Orders over $80.00 are freight free in NZ

Delivery in Cambridge is freight free.

All other orders will have $5.00 freight added.

New Products

Sanitising Hand Lotion and Sanbitising Gel with a moisturiser built in.

Leaves the hands silky smooth and sterile.

$13.50 and $6.00

A targeted blend of high quality ingredients to relieve and help treat indigestion, heartburn and reflux.

Active Ingredients


Peppermint Oil


(contains Saccharin Sodium)

$17.50 per bottle

What makes Rawleigh’s products unique  

Natural Ingredients

Unlike cheap products full of harsh chemical fillers in the market, Rawleigh’s products are made with concentrated natural ingredients. From medicinals’ safe for the whole family to concentrated cleaners, bring home the benefits of nature’s goodness with Rawleigh’s extensive range of products. 

 Real Value

Instead of having a cupboard full of expensive, diluted and single purpose products, get real value for money when you invest in concentrated and multi-purpose Rawleigh’s products. With quality concentrated and natural ingredients used in our products, you will be using less of the base product and getting proven results over a longer period of time. Choose gentle and natural products for your family today, choose Rawleigh’s.  

Strict Quality Control Processes

For over 100 years, our customers have been enjoyed the unwavering standard of our medicinal products with very little change having been made to our medicated ointment and salve from W T Rawleigh’s original 1889 formula. To continue this for the next 100 years, we have committed to only manufacture our medicinal products in facilities licensed and audited by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). These are the same facilities that top pharmaceutical brands throughout Australasia use, to ensure Rawleigh medicinal products meet or exceed industry standards. The Rawleigh company commitment to maintaining these market leading standards is a commitment to quality, reliability and integrity of product.

BREAKING NEWS:- 45gm small tins of

Medicated Ointment

are now available at $14.50 each. get in quick.

140gm still $24.00

Winter Special

Mentholated Vapour          $15.00

Head Clear                          $21.00

Sm. Medicated Ointment   $14.50

Buy all three for only $45.00

(save $5.50)

Mentholated Vapour 

 Ideal for those snuffles and blocked noses. Spray in the shower, bedroom or nebuliser.


Head Clear

Put a few drops on your pillow at night or tissue during the day. Clears the sinuses and deals with hay fever as well.



Skin healer and drawing ointment - Ideal for cracked heals, acne, etc.


Prices - Vanilla Essence

50ml     $6.50

100ml     $10.50

200ml     $15.00

500ml $41.00 - Display bottle

1 Ltr.      $56.00

All Other Essences

50ml     $6.50

100ml     $10.50


LCC                      1 Lt. $13.50

                               2 Lt. $20.00

Orange Cleaner    1 Lt $12.00

Pine Oil                 1 Lt. $18.00

                               2 Lt. $31.00

Super Cleaner      1Lt. $14.00

                               2 Lt. $25.50

Window Cleaner 750ml $10.50

Bugs Away             750ml $18.00

Moss and Algae Killer

                                1Lt $25.50

Eco Crystals - very versatile

Only $12.50 for a 1kg tub

Phone us : 0211 383 341

As Rawleigh's Master Distributors we carry a full range of Rawleigh's Healthcare Products.

For all Rawleigh's products please contact me direct.

Good News - All medications are now available for ordering.

Contact me now.

See our Home Page for markets we are attending.

Phone me on

0211 383 341

Please place your order quickly before stock runs out!